Mercury Data Review Meeting
5-6 May 2008

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Session I: Source Regions --- Imaging Above and Near Mercury's Disk
Meeting Overview and Goals ** Michael Mendillo
CFHT and NTT Results Alain Dorresoundiram
TNG Results Valeria Mangano
THEMIS Results Francois Leblanc
Maui Results Jody Wilson
Results from Japanese Observatories Shoichi Okano
Session II: Mercury's Sodium Tail
Results from Japanese Observatories Shoichi Okano
McDonald Observatory Results (wide field) Jeff Baumgardner
McDonald Observatory Results (narrow field) Jody Wilson
Observing Opportunities in 2008 and 2009 Jody Wilson, All
Session III: Science Issues and Observing Methods
Status Report on Exospheric Models Francois Leblanc
Crucial Data Sets Needed Jody Wilson, Francois Leblanc, All
New Instruments and Techniques ** Jeffrey Baumgardner
New Instruments and Techniques Masato Kagitani
Graduate Student Presentation Mea Wedlund
Graduate Student Presentation Cesare Grava
Status BepiColombo mission and PHEBUS instrument Jean-Luc Maria
Status of MSASI instrument on BepiColombo/MMO Shoichi Okano
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Mendillo Movie 2 [SECCHI May 2007 -- 9 MB]
Mendillo Movie 3 [SECCHI Nov 2007 -- 12 MB]
Mendillo Movie 4 [SECCHI Jan 2008 -- 17MB]
** AVI movie files for Baumgardner ppt
Baumgardner Movie 1 [SECCHI Feb 2008 -- 2 MB]
Baumgardner Movie 2 [SECCHI Feb 2008 -- 5 MB]